What They Say!

“One of the BEST WEDDINGS Ever Attended!”

Jesse Mike

My clients are thrilled to hear from their family and guests that their ceremony was “absolutely marvelous…one of the BEST‘ weddings ever attended!”

“Linn helped us to design a magical and memorable wedding ceremony. Our families and guests were enchanted and startled by the special Butterfly Release.”

“Thank you for your great ideas, energy and humor.”

“Linn involved our extended family in our wedding ceremony. The ‘Four Promises & Hand Binding’ element was truly creative and impressionable. We will always remember the joy we all felt in our hearts.”


“Her flexibility and thoroughness in being able to work with us remotely (we live out of state), made the planning smooth and stress-free.”

“Our ceremony was filled with passion and gentle wisdom. She planned our beautiful ceremony within a few days of contacting her, and she happily married us.”

“Linn was key to making our wedding day a success. In her hands, our wedding turned out to be a perfect memory that will remain dear in our hearts.”

“We really appreciated the energy and enthusiasm shown, and it definitely was an honor having her with us on our special day.” 129_(LB2_4894)_WEB                                        Leslie Boudreau Photography

“Linn made two anxious persons feel relaxed during the ceremony, reminding us that it is just the ‘three of us, here and now’. She made our wedding ceremony enjoyable and we are pleased that she was with us to make it a special and memorable day.”

“Linn is a pleasant, fun and easy going person to work with, from the first time we met her all the way to our special big day.”

“Linn is very open and responsive to suggestions and is more than happy to make your ceremony unique and memorable.”

“We cannot thank her enough for providing guidance and helping us create our special and beautiful ceremony.”


Ingrid Daniel

“Thank you, Linn, for performing our ceremony! You were very wonderful to work with and have made the entire planning process so simple and perfect for us.

“Thank you so much for serving as our Officiant and inviting us to your lovely home. It was very touching and special.

Thank you so much for everything and for being part of our very special day! We were so very grateful to have Linn design and perform our wedding ceremony.

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